About Us

Impulse Water was founded based on the Africa Water Vision 2025 principles and visions, aiming to make a positive impact on 1 000 000 lives by 2020. We are already on our way to achieving this goal through our corporate social investment water supply projects that have been completed in Limpopo Province, South Africa.

Our main focus at Impulse Water is to improve Africa’s quality of life through the provision and management of clean, safe drinking water and to minimize the impacts of economically beneficial activities (such as agriculture and mining) on our water resources. As per the Africa Water Vision 2025, we aim to achieve this through the following initiatives:

  • Strengthening of water resource governance

  • Educating our communities on the importance of water conservation

  • Delivery of safe, clean drinking water where it is needed most

  • Identifying and managing the future water requirements and assisting in meeting those requirements

Impulse Water's African Footprint